Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Dentist and American Indian Festival

We had a great long weekend with my son home. We mostly stayed at home. Friday my son had a dentist appointment, and we were there for over an hour. The pediatric dentist was trying to get my son comfortable so that he would sit in the chair on his own. They took him away from me, but they had a window in the door where I peeked in often. He played with all the dental instruments and used the water/air instrument to water the plants out the window. Then I had to hold him down for the actual examination and teeth cleaning. The dentist wants me to take him there once a month to get him used to the dental office, chair, and instruments, but that would be $85 every month! I already pay privately for nutrition, occupational therapy, and feeding therapy, and I can not pay for private dental therapy too. I'm not even comfortable and happy going to the dentist's office! Sheesh. Maybe it's wrong of me to not want to spend the money, but that's a lot of money that we really don't have.

Saturday my husband was actually home from work, and he took the kids to the playground so that I could clean. I was so happy to have the time to clean, and the apartment looks better than it has in a long time. Our bedroom is still the catch-all room, and there's still much to be done, but at least it's livable, and I completely cleaned my son's room and organized it so that he could keep it clean himself...there's a place for everything, so it's easy for him to take care of his own things. Finally...I've been wanting to do that for a long time.

Sunday my cousin came up from New Jersey, and we went to Mass together and just spent the day together. We had lunch at a restaurant overlooking the Hudson River that was lovely, and my husband joined us there after work. We shopped through a really violent storm. Then that evening, another set of cousins came over to play games.

Monday we went to a Memorial Day Parade and an American Indian Festival. My son was so thrilled to see the fire engines and drums at the parade, and didn't want to leave when it was over, hoping for more. Later, we got to see many more drums at the American Indian Festival. My son LOVED it. We bought him a small deer hide drum that has only left his hands for him to go to school. He was drumming and dancing along with the Native American People during the festival. He was too cute. We were there for some inter-tribal dancing, and for Aztec dancers, who were fantastic. They are from Mexico City where the ruins of the city of Tenochtitlan are located. I learned about Tenochtitlan in Archeology class when I was in college...when I thought I might be the next Indiana Jones...the only way I'm like Indiana Jones is with my diet. You can read about that here.

I attached a picture of the Aztec Dancers...if you ever have a chance to see them perform, please go! You can visit their website here.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Preschool Picnic

Today was my son's school picnic. It was held at a beautiful local park that has a gorgeous view of the Hudson River. It actually wasn't just his school, but an association of all the schools of which my son's is a part...so there were many, many children and their families there.
They had a petting zoo, art stations, an obstacle course, a tee ball area, and fruit. My son did play some tee ball, but otherwise was happy to run around for three and a half hours while I followed him with my daughter on my hip. Gratefully, I did get some help when I was about ready to leave after two hours. I couldn't get my son to sit long enough to eat, to allow me to feed my daughter, or to even change diapers. He was so overstimulated. So, I was trying to drag him (literally) over the grass to the car, and one of the social workers from the school asked me if I needed some help. So, I was able to go to the bathroom myself and even feed my daughter. Then the speech therapist helped me so I could get my son calmed enough to eat, and I even had some water, yogurt, and watermelon. So, we were there for another hour and a half. The psychologist chased after my son awhile too so that I even got a few minutes to just sit and relax while my daughter ate. It was just a few minutes, but I got recharged. Everyone was exhausted after just 10 or 15 minutes of following after my son in the nearly 90 degree weather with very little shade...I must be an Amazon or something being able to do it for three hours. LOL
Anyway, thank God for SPF 70. I just got a little sunburn on my left shoulder where I missed with the sunscreen, but the kids didn't get any sunburn at all...and we are all VERY fair.
Now, goodnight because I am going to go to bed...I am worn out!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


Well, this is an idea that I stole from my cousin (you can read her blog at www.carolesthoughtfulspot.com). Her husband and she used to (and they still may...I'll have to ask) hide a rubber eyeball on each other. It would stay hidden for months sometimes, when all of a sudden, one of them would come across this rubber eye staring at them. My husband and I started to do the same thing with a rubber spider, years ago. Likewise, the spider may remain hidden for many months, and then there he is! Most recently I found him in a change compartment in the dashboard of my car that I never use because I always put my change in the ashtray because it's bigger. One day, I just happen to be looking down to the left of the steering wheel, when behold! I saw a couple of spidery looking legs peeking out of the compartment. I had been SPIDERED!!!

So, now I have to find a clever place to hide the spider on my husband. Hmmmmm...wherever should it be? I must plot...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tuesday Weigh-In

Well, this week I lost 4.4 lbs. Hurray! I can't believe it's been a whole week since I updated my blog. I guess it's because we've all been sick AGAIN. Ugh. My son was sick all last week, and then Sunday my husband, daughter, and I came down with it. Ick. I'm sick and tired of being sick and tired. At least Weight Watchers went well this week.
As a matter of fact, my cat even got sick yesterday. He was vomiting and had an impaction and had to stay in the vet's overnight. He needed an enema, and they sent him home with my husband encrusted in his own waste. You can be sure I won't be going back to this vet! It was the only place I could get an appointment...no wonder why. So, I gave my cat a bath this morning with my husband with baby shampoo, but it didn't get out all the crusted poop or the smell. So, I went back to the vet's office (where I put up a stink myself for the abuse my poor cat went through), and got them to give me some disinfectant shampoo. So, I bathed the poor cat again by myself (and have what will become scars to prove it LOL), and now he is allowed in the house again. I had him locked in the bathroom with a bed, water, food, and a potty because I couldn't have him running around all over the place in his condition. I was so horrified. But, at least he's healthy and home.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Dreaded Tuesday Weigh-In

Well, I haven't been to Weight Watchers in two weeks. Three weeks ago, I lost 4 pounds...Woo hoo! But then we all got sick and I lost my focus. Last week, I got my focus back, but I still gained three pounds...Boo hoo! I was going to use my no weigh in pass, but I figured I'd face the scale and keep in mind that I have still lost 39 pounds...it was 42, but it will be again, and soon. I'm also down three clothing sizes.

I found out something VERY interesting though...I've been eating 35 extra points for the past few weeks. I'm supposed to lose 5 points per day because my daughter has started to eat solid foods and I'm not nursing exclusively anymore. So, hopefully, that will make a nice difference next week. I've been going to the gym four to five days a week (seven was too many, and I was getting very sleep deprived), and walking on the days I don't go to the gym. I've been working on a running program and am up to running for nine minutes...which for me is a huge deal, and I'm thrilled about it. It's amazing what an inhaler can do. It's wonderful to not have sharp pains in my lungs or cough for a half hour or more just because I was running for 30 seconds or so. I wish a doctor had prescribed one for me twenty years ago. Oh well.

Moving ahead...

I am still holding on like Indiana Jones, clinging to that whip as I'm being dragged behind "the wagon" until I can get back on again.


This post is in no way paid for or sponsored. It's just an experience I want to share.

I read some information about how aromatherapy can help children with ADHD, and at the same time I got an email from Bath and Body Works advertising a sale on spa aromatherapy items. So, I figured it was worth $8 to give it a try. I wanted to try a scent that would be relaxing and help my son fall asleep. I didn't want to get lavender because I read that it can have negative effects on males, so instead I got a black chamomile pillow spray. I've only tried it a couple of times on my son because I keep forgetting to use it. My son's bedtime routine involves complete vitamin E capsule that has to be popped and added to fish oil (that tastes like a lemon smoothie...I swear...you can read what I wrote about it here), antibiotics, a multivitamin, nasal spray, and an injection of growth hormone. Not including brushing his teeth, changing his diaper, putting on pajamas, and a bedtime story. Most of these activities require physically holding him down, chasing him, carrying him, fighting him, and it's just difficult and takes quite a bit of time.

I'm afraid to leave the bottle of pillow spray in his bedroom because it's glass, and I'm afraid he'll break it or spray it onto himself, or in his eyes or mouth, or any number of other things I can't imagine. I really need to keep it by his vitamins or something.

I have been using it myself, though. I feel pretty bad about using it for me and not for him, but I will...I promise. I have to say that using it for me has made a huge difference. I have always had trouble falling asleep, and I have been falling asleep extremely quickly. The scent is so nice and relaxing, and it really works! I'm very surprised that it works, but it does!

The second thing I bought was totally just for me. It's absolutely decadent. It's shower gel (and can also be used in the bath) that smells like oranges and ginger, and it's supposed to energize. I'm not sure if I feel energized, but it smells absolutely wonderful, it's so sudsy, and to be scrubbed from head to toe with this is blissful...it's so good I can almost tune out my daughter screaming in her bouncy seat on the other side of the shower curtain.

So, if you're ever looking for a way to fall asleep or wake up that's natural and healthy and wonderful, give these a try. I'm sure they'd make a nice gift too...it's too late for Mother's Day, but any occasion will do, and they're just fine for Father's Day too.

Monday, May 11, 2009

Socializing at the Gym

If there's something I hate, it's when people socialize at the gym. Especially when they're just sitting on the equipment. They do about sixty seconds of "cardio" involving reclining on an exercise bike and moving their legs at about one rotation per minute, and then start talking to a friend and stop moving altogether. I don't know why it should bother me if it's not a piece of equipment that I need, but what if I did? There are so many other places to talk. I guess it gives me flashbacks to when I used to work out at Bally...people sat on the equipment and talked all the time, so it would take forever to get an exercise routine done because they always made everyone wait, and gave me a dirty look if I had the audacity to ask them to let me use the equipment since they weren't using it right then.
I guess the problem is that I've started to go to the gym later. I was having trouble functioning getting up at 4:45 in the morning so that I could have a cup of coffee and leave the house by 5, get home by 5:45 so that my husband could go to the gym. So, we've decided to go to the gym on alternating days, and walk on other days or do an exercise tape. It's working out much better, although I do miss going to the gym every day. I could go later in the day, I suppose, but I'm tired by the end of the day. So long as I exercise every day, it really doesn't matter where I am.
So, as long as I keep going to the gym later in the morning, I guess I'm going to have to deal with the socializers...maybe I should request that a juice bar be set up outside so they can go there.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

A very Happy Mother's Day to everyone! I had a lovely day. I got to sleep in until after 7, and then my husband and son brought in my Mother's Day cards, complete with original artwork! They also brought me breakfast in bed. My son helped by pushing down the button for the toast. Whole grain toast with natural peanut butter and a cup of coffee with Equal and light creamer is my favorite breakfast. Then we all got ready to go down to visit my Mom. We went to mass together and had a nice lunch. Then we took a ride over to a condo my Mom is thinking of buying, and it's very nice! Then we went back to my Mom's and my husband played with my son, my daughter slept, and I got to play a game of Scrabble with my Mom. We had gotten my Mom Omaha Steaks and lots of other stuff like stuffed fillet of sole and stuffed baked potatoes, and my son and daughter made a little foam sticker sign that said, "We love you Grandma!" They also made some little presents for some adopted "Mothers" we still have down in Queens. I painted my son's hand and my daughter's feet, and the prints became a hand flower and feet leaves. Then we ordered in Chinese so nobody had to cook or clean, and then came back home. It was a little sad because it was the first Mother's Day without my father, but it was still a very nice day. I hope everyone else had a nice day too!

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Our Innaugural Barbecue!

Here are some pictures from our very first meal cooked on our new grill. It was delicious!!!! I sliced up some zucchini and squash and brushed it with some extra virgin olive oil and salt and pepper. The corn roasted beautifully. The beef was marinated in soy sauce, honey, garlic, sesame oil, and ginger. It was as yummy as yummy could be. I love that we can cook really delicious healthy food, and there are no pots and pans!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Mother's Day Present!!!

Well, when I went to pick up my son from the bus this afternoon, he had this for me that he made!!! How awesome is that? He was so proud of himself, and I just absolutely love what he made. He's napping right now, but when he gets up, we'll put the impatiens out on the terrace and water them...then we can take care of them together.

We had a wonderful time this afternoon at the playground swinging and sliding in the shade of the now leafy trees.
I'm marinading some beef to grill for dinner. I'm very excited to use the new grill. It's been raining all week, and it's an electric grill, so I haven't used it yet.

Happy Mother's Day to everyone!


Well, today I learned something new. The real name for a polynose is samara, or a dry, winged fruit. How about that?

Yesterday it was gorgeous outside, and as soon as my son got off the bus, off he ran to the playground behind our building.

He had loads of fun running and jumping in puddles from all the rain we had, in addition to playing on the playground equipment. AND we played with polynoses. He thought I was very silly, and so did my daughter...and they're right, of course. It's that time of year when the maple trees are shedding their seeds. They're so much fun to watch fall because they look like little helicopters. And if there's anyone on Earth who's never done this, you can separate the leaves, open up the little pocket where the seed or fruit is, and stick that leaf on the bridge of your nose. This is a seasonal activity that's just oh so silly and oh so much fun. If you've never done it, you must give it a try. You just can't help smiling when there's a polynose on your nose. It's impossible.

We also had lots of fun spreading dandelion seeds all over the field around the playground, chasing butterflies, and a vulture flew right over us so closely that we could hear its wings. A very fun afternoon!
Image taken from ask.com

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Active? Who, me?

I have started a running training program. Weight Watchers is promoting a Momentum Walk-It Challenge, and is offering a free active trainer program. You can choose walking or running. I have never been able to run. I've always run out of breath, gotten terrible pains in my lungs, and have had to stop before I could work up any endurance or intensity. Finally, my new doctor diagnosed exercise induced asthma, and I take two puffs of an inhaler before going to the gym in the morning. And I can run! My body screams in protest, my knees, shins, and hips holler in agony, but I'm so happy that I can run that I really don't care.

I've always wanted to be able to run. I couldn't even play tag when I was a kid. I failed the one mile run in gym freshman year of high school. Now I'm training for a 5K...very slowly. Right now I repeat a pattern of walking two minutes and running one minute for a total of 32 minutes. I also got new earphones for my iPod because the regular earbuds fall out when I start to sweat. I got ones for activity that hook over your ears. Me...active...how cool is that?

We also got a kid carrier for my son and I have a Bjorn for my daughter, so we'll be doing hiking when it STOPS RAINING EVERY SINGLE STINKING DAY. Maybe we'll even do some geocaching along the way! Now that it stays lighter longer, we can even go for a hike after my husband gets home from work. There are lots of hiking trails within walking distance of our apartment, so we don't need to travel far to get out and get moving.

So, this, on top of the Weight Watchers eating plan, I hope will help me to keep losing weight. I haven't weighed in in a couple of weeks, but last weigh in I lost 4 more pounds for a total of 37 pounds. I like my home scale better...that one says I lost 42 pounds. I haven't actually been to Weight Watchers in two weeks because of sick kids and a severe lack of sleep, but I will be back next Tuesday.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

My Teddy

Well, this is day 2 writing about my Teddy Bear. Yesterday I wrote about fixing my son's favorite book, even though he tore it to bits. You can read about it here. My Mom didn't think I should fix it, even though she fixed my bear over and over and over and over again. I never hurt Teddy on purpose, but I also know my son has issues, and that he doesn't destroy things because he's malicious. So, I don't want to punish him, although I do want to teach him that when you destroy something, you can't always just get it back. It's a fine line.

The story of the Ted, I think, is a timeless one. It's particularly appropriate at this particular time when the economy is so poor and parents are feeling stressed about what they're not able to provide for their children.

Sometimes I remember things wrong Mom, so if I make any mistakes, please correct me, but this is how I remember it.

My parents were never rich, and many times went through very difficult times because my father worked in the airline industry, which constantly forced him to go through layoffs and pay cuts. Even now that he's gone, my mother still has to deal with the airlines and their cold unfairness. When I was born, my parents had it particularly hard. For my first Christmas, all they could afford to get me was this little bear. I remember my Mom telling me that she felt bad that's all they got me. I wasn't even a year old, so I'm sure I didn't mind. What they didn't expect is how I took to that bear. I loved that bear. I slept with that bear, played with that bear, talked to that bear, went everywhere with that bear. That bear was a friend, a doll, a ball, you name it. I could never think of a good name, so he just remained Teddy. That bear went to Puerto Rico when I was 3, Ohio when I was 8, Disney when I was 9, Germany and France when I was 19, Hawaii when I was 21. He is a well-travelled bear. I did not take him on my honeymoon, but he was waiting for me when I got home. He's in my son's toy box, and he takes him out and plays with him every once in awhile, and I like that he's still hanging out with all the toys where he belongs, a wise elder.

So, that goes to show you that something you think may be unimportant, insignificant, or insufficient may be just perfect, and may impact a person's life and give them enjoyment and memories to last them a lifetime. Monetary value does not represent the true value of things, and any expression of love is a truly priceless gift.

No matter how bad the economy is, no matter how little money you make, it's still possible to be rich. That is a very important lesson my parents taught me, and I hope that I can teach my children the same.

© 2009 Dr. Mom's Spot

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Owl Babies

Owl Babies by Martin Waddell is my son's favorite book, and it has been since he was born. We have videos of us reading it to him days after he was born, and he was totally enthralled. We think maybe it's because his eyesight is so poor, and the pictures have a high level of contrast. However, he STILL loves the book even though his vision is corrected with glasses, and he loves the language. He can't talk, but he can recite the cadence and intonations of the book.
He's been going through a destructive phase lately, and one of the things he destroyed was his book. He ripped it into many little pieces. I was mourning the loss, as I've been trying to impress upon him that when he destroys something, you can't get it back. I make him throw away books and toys that he's broken or torn. However, I just couldn't bring myself to get rid of Owl Babies.
My wonderful, WONDERFUL Mom came over today to watch the kids while I got the opportunity to do some serious house cleaning. It felt so good to actually be able to work without many interruptions, and see a change in the house...like the appearance of the floor. Anyway, I showed her the many pieces Owl Babies was in, and she said, "You're not thinking of trying to put that back together, are you?" And I had to admit that that was exactly what was on my mind.

And, so help me, I could not resist repairing the book. I'm just missing one little piece. Oh, what a silly Mommy I am.
I remember my Mommy repairing my teddy bear over and over and over again because I loved him to death. I still have him too...he's 37 years old, and looks it. LOL Poor thing. Anyway, I just had to fix the book. Is there anything you couldn't bear for your child to part with because you know it means a lot to them, even if they are the ones who ruined it?

Monday, May 4, 2009


Well, today I am going to be putting together our new barbecue. We used to have an electric barbecue when we owned our co-op on Long Island, but the fire marshall changed the rules to say that NO barbecue of ANY kind was allowed to even exist on the patio, even if it wasn't being used. They imposed a $500 fee for anyone "harboring" such an offense. So, we had to get rid of our beloved barbecue. Since we moved upstate, we've been allowed to have an electric barbecue, but just never got around to getting one until now. I'm very excited. Electric barbecues work really well, and once the grease drips down on the heating element and burns, you get a great charcoal flavor in the food. It's a beautiful thing. And, it's nice not to have to heat up the kitchen, and it's also a great way to cook healthy food...AND no pots and pans to scrub!

My very favorite thing to eat barbecued is corn. When I go to a carnival, I don't want the fried dough or anything else...I want the roasted corn. When I cook corn without a barbecue, I throw it into the oven, husk and all, and roast it. Most of the silk burns away, and I peel down the husk and use it as a handle. The very best is when the local corn comes into season...there is nothing better...not even chocolate. The first time I ever ate roasted corn in its husk was over my sister's house...as a matter of fact, my sister is the one who bought us our first electric grill.

Well, I'd better get to work! I think I'll roast an ear of corn while I'm working.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Spring Cleaning

Well, I've been trying to get some Spring cleaning done, and not having a lot of success. Having a child with special needs presents some issues that I'm not sure everyone else has...he destroys things, tears apart books, dumps out puzzles and toys, takes everything out of drawers, out of laundry baskets, and I caught him in bed today licking half of a watermelon. I was nursing my daughter, and I somehow managed to miss him sneaking that watermelon out of the fridge. I heard him singing in his room, and went to check on him and tell him what a good boy he was, and there I saw him in bed, covered from head to toe in watermelon juice. His clothes and bedding were also soaked. HOW did I miss him sneaking a WATERMELON out of the fridge? He is getting good at being sneaky. Anyway, there is always more to clean than I can possibly catch up with. Also, we have too much furniture that we've had passed down to us. For this I'm very grateful, but we just don't have room for it all. What I plan to do is send an email out to family members and see if anyone wants any of this furniture. Then I want to go through everything we have, and anything that was passed down from my grandparents that I haven't used in the past eleven years that I've been married, I'm going to put into a box, and if anyone wants to, they can go through it and take whatever they want.

I have to get rid of a lot of stuff. Ideally, it would be nice to have a yard sale, but it's hard to do that in an apartment complex. We actually had a sale for the complex, but I wasn't ready for it, and I was going to be home alone with two young children that day...so hauling everything down three flights of stairs, loading it into the car and driving it down the hill to the tennis courts (and managing to bring the kids too) and sitting outside in 90 degree heat just wasn't going to happen.

So, that is my goal, and instead of cleaning, I am sitting here at the computer writing my blog. So, I'd better get cracking. I did two hours worth of work today, and it looks like I've done absolutely nothing. Isn't that always the way?

Friday, May 1, 2009


Well, my son, my husband, and I all had sinus infections and/or bronchitis, my daughter had a cold and a stomach thing going on (reflux and vomiting...niiiiiice), the computer crashed, and...well...that's about it. Sheesh. It's been a long few weeks, but things finally seem to be settling down. Our entire hard drive was wiped out. All of us but my daughter were on antibiotics, and my son will be on them for three weeks since he's been sick almost all winter. May weather is turning out more like April in that we're due to have rain most of the next week. I haven't slept much from everyone being sick, I haven't done much besides be sick and take care of sick kids. But, things are turning around. Just not being sick is a good thing.

This weekend we're finally having a little party for my son and his friends from school. My son is in a special needs school, and he and all his three and four year old friends are going to be bouncing, jumping, leaping, running, and doing whatever else they can manage to do in a space that is chock full of padding and inflatable slides, jumping toys, ball pits, and ladders. They should have lots of fun. It will also be nice to meet with the parents of the kids in his class. It's always nice to be with other people who know what it's like to raise a special needs kid.

So, now that I'm feeling somewhat human again and my computer is working again, I'll be on here much more often. Woo hoo!