Thursday, September 2, 2010

Dutchess County Fair

Well, it is sad, but this is my first entry about someplace we actually went this summer. It's been a quiet summer focused on school, therapy, taking care of my son, and church.

I was really hoping that the fair this year would be more fun than last, and it was. My son is still fixated on very few things. He spent almost the entire day playing in a little bin of dried soybeans and small toys. We had to wrestle him out to see the old-time machines which he likes because they spin. We had to force him to sit through a high diving act, and he wasn't even very interested in the construction vehicles they had out for the kids to climb on. My daughter was interested in more things, so my husband and I split up. My daughter and I went to the little zoo, the little museum, and to see the animals and the butterflies. Mostly we stayed by that bin. I truly hope my son's interests will expand a bit and the tantrums let up so that we can have more fun.

I think I'm ready for summer to be over. I usually like summer, but this year has been a bust. It's been the hottest summer ever, my son's been sick the entire time so we couldn't go in the pool or much of anywhere else, my husband works long hours most days of the week so I don't see him very often, and there's just no time or money to go anywhere.
Still, we're grateful for what we have. We have our health (for the most part), a comfortable home, two cars, plenty to eat, clothes to wear, and good friends and family. What more do we need, really?