Friday, July 23, 2010

A Book to Share at School

I made a book for my son to bring to school that told of his experience. He had me read it about a hundred times this morning while we were waiting for the bus, and by then he had it memorized and he was reciting it while looking at the pictures while he sat on the bus. He is talking MUCH, MUCH more, but he is still hard to understand, and his vocabulary is still limited. So, sending in a book is a good way for him to share what happened to him, and he likes seeing his experience in a book too.

DS Met Too Many Yellow Jackets

DS was playing by a pine tree.

All of a sudden, DS felt a poke. It was a yellow jacket.

Yellow jackets are not like bees. They make nests in the ground and get very angry if someone comes near. A bee can only sting once, but a yellow jacket is a wasp that can sting many times. That is what happened to DS.

Soon, many more yellow jackets were stinging DS. Daddy came and brushed them all off. He got angry right back at those wasps.

DS got a lot of boo boos. They hurt a lot. Mommy called 9-1-1. Three trucks came just for DS-an ambulance, a police monster truck, and a fire truck.

DS got a shot. He didn't like it, but it made him feel much better. Mommy snuggled with DS, he slept a lot, and by the next day, his boo boos didn't hurt anymore.

An exterminator came and got rid of that wasp nest. Now DS can play by the pine tree again.

The End.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Son's Ordeal...

My son was finally able to go back to school today because he got clearance from the doctor that he doesn't have anything contagious. So, the next step, since he still has diarrhea, is to go to the GI doctor. That's a tummy doctor. After he got home from school today, he took a nap, and then we went to get his new glasses. He looks so handsome in them! My husband got home just a few minutes after we did, so he stayed outside with the kids so they could play, and I went upstairs to cook dinner. While slicing onions and boiling pasta, I heard a horrible screaming coming from the stairwell, so I ran over to see what had happened. My son was covered in wasp stings.
My son had been playing near a pine tree, and apparently, there was a yellow jacket nest there, and they attacked him. As he was being stung, he then got attacked by my husband who was smacking all the wasps off and killing them as they stung our son. He was stung by well over a dozen insects, and each one stung him numerous times. He was covered with welts and screaming in pain. I got out all the stingers that were left over from the wasps my husband killed while they were stinging our son. Then I took him right to the car to drive him to the hospital.
He got very quiet, so I called 911 and pulled over into a nearby parking lot. The fire department, police department, and EMS came. My poor son was in too much pain and too upset to be at all excited about the trucks. The EMS persons observed him for a few minutes, and since they didn't see any allergic reaction, they said that we could either choose to have him looked at in the ER or take him to the local pediatric ER. So, we chose to take him to the local pediatric ER to forgo the hospital experience since there was no immediate danger.

On the way there, he was screaming for us to turn the pain off. It was horrible and pathetic. We stopped off at home on the way to the doctor and I gave him some Tylenol with codeine that we had left over from a surgery he had last year. It did nothing for his pain. When we got to the doctor's office, they gave him a shot of morphine, some benadryl, and a prescription for percocet. He's resting comfortably now. We have the baby monitor in his room so we will be able to hear him if he wakes up.

Poor thing can't catch a break. I'm just glad he's going to be okay.

Friday, July 16, 2010

It Took Awhile, But...

I finally got my son to look under his pillow, and he was very happy to see Sir Topham Hatt there. When my husband got home from work, I asked my son to tell his Daddy who gave him Sir Topham Hatt, and he pointed to his mouth and said tooth. I guess he couldn't remember the word fairy, but he got the idea! It was very cute to see. He took Sir Topham Hatt with him everywhere today, and then took him to bed. How cute.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

My Son Lost His First Tooth Today!

This is a little Sir Topham Hatt in his car...The Tooth Fairy confided in me that this was what she'd be leaving under my son's pillow tonight...
My son lost his first tooth today. My husband was the one who noticed that the tooth was loose. He said that it looked like my son's tooth was growing in sideways. I said I never noticed, and when I looked, it looked perfectly straight...hmmm...strange. So I thought, "Maybe it's loose!" When I was brushing his teeth, I was very gentle, and I did notice it moving. Then today I noticed that he had blood on his cheek. I was looking and looking for a cut, but I couldn't find anything. Then, at the same time, my husband and I said, "Tooth!" Sure enough, there was a space where one of his bottom front teeth used to be.

I spoke to him about his tooth being loose because I'm sure it hurt, and I wasn't sure if it might have frightened him. I told him that a grown-up tooth was growing in and pushing the baby tooth out, and that it was a happy thing and meant that he was growing into a big boy. We haven't found the tooth. My son probably swallowed it. We think it probably came out while he was eating an apple. I checked the apple and the floor around where he was eating the apple, but no tooth. The tooth fairy will be visiting nonetheless. I don't think he would understand money, so we requested that the tooth fairy bring a small toy. We told our son to look under his pillow in the morning to see if the tooth fairy brought him a present for losing his tooth. I'm really not sure exactly how much he understands, but I am sure that he will understand Sir Topham Hatt. :)