Monday, September 4, 2017

Late Weigh In, Update

I am still on track for my one pound a week weight loss, which may sound pathetic, but I'm thrilled.  So I only have 109 lbs. to lose!  I just don't know how on earth we'd manage if I had to recover from weight loss surgery...DS takes so much time and attention.  So, for now, I'm doing it the old fashioned way.  My Fitness Pal and a Fit Bit.  Well, I guess that's not so old fashioned when you consider they both use technology!  It's still a matter of portion control, making healthy choices, and staying active.  
My 12 year old DS has been sick on and off for the past couple of weeks with GI issues that involve a lot of cleaning and changing all through the night.  So, I've been sort of tired, but it's all part of our life.  He's so excited to go to his new school.  He starts Wednesday.  I made up a story board with pictures of the things he did this summer.  They all are captioned with things he would say if he could.  So, he read it and approved it.  Then I showed him the note I wrote to his teacher with all the things he likes, and he approved that too with a couple of additions.  His nickname is Boo, and he likes to dress up as Fire Chief Boo, Dr. Boo, and Captain Boo Beard.  He added, "Arrrrrrrrrrr".  So I wrote that in.  He also wanted me to mention that he had a good time getting a hair cut with Daddy and that he sat nicely all by himself for the first time.  He can type and use an iPad for communication.  He uses a program called Proloquo2go, which along with the iPad was gifted to him by my mother and sister.  We are so grateful.  :)  We are pretty good at understanding his speech, although it is extremely difficult.  So, the iPad, Proloquo2go, and typing are a God send.

We went for his annual physical last week, and he failed his hearing screening, so he has to have a full audiological evaluation.  I'm excited about that, but I hope they don't find another problem we have to mitigate...the kid has enough problems already.  It will be fun so show DS and DD what I used to do when I was working.  
DS has not been sleeping either.  At least he hasn't been having tantrums, but he isn't exactly quiet.  He has trouble walking, so he stomps his way around.  He drops toys all over the place and drags toys into my bed.  He drags his Sodor Steamworks around, which is very loud.  He grabs our noses.  He dives on us.  He's very cute but very naughty.  Autism is famous for sleep disorders.  I'm hoping once he starts school he'll start sleeping again.  We're not really keeping a tight schedule. 
Well, it's late, so I really should try to get him quieted down.  Goodnight all!

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